My name is Brian Bertrem,  I began making flutes at the age of 18 for the Emerson Musical Instrument Co. in 1994 after being offered a job by my grandfather Emerson Deford. I started out padding flutes and piccolos. And was soon padding his Bass, Alto, Bb, Eb, Treble G And Legacy flutes, as well as all custom and specialty made flutes.

 I also worked closley with Emerson on all aspects of flutemaking and head joint making. When Emerson sold the Co. to Selmer, I was offered a position with them and padded the same flutes and piccolos, although they discontinued the Bb and Eb flute.

 I then was offered a job by the Wm. S. Haynes Co. where I helped in the design and protyping of the Amadeus flute as well as its manufacture during the time it was produced in the USA. While there I refined my skills and still do their factory flute and piccolo overhauls today. When the Amadeus plant closed I briefly joined Gemeinhardt where I worked in testing and repair department, and worked stringing the Roy Seaman Piccolo's as well as all other model piccolos.

 In 2009 I started a repair and restoration business and have been doing that full time since then. I have continued to work closley with my grandfather over the years and approached him about a Bb and Eb flute early in 2013. We took his original samples and recreated the Bb and Eb flutes.




I personally think Brian Bertrem is the best repair person on flutes and piccolos today because he not only repairs he also makes high quality flutes and piccolos in his shop along with Eb and Bb flutes. He has finished many flutes and piccolos for me as well as Wm. S. Haynes and other big names in the flute world. Brian is my grandson and I have worked with him for years.

I have decided to retire after making thousands of flutes for 60 years and shipping them all over the world.
If you want your prized flute or piccolo to play as good as new or better for certain call Bertrem, you won't be disappointed.

--- Emerson L Deford

I would like to highly recommend Brian for his flute padding. For my business I want someone reasonably priced, lets me know when my flute will be ready, and the flute is padded to my specifications. Brian follows David Straubinger padding methods exactly. I really like plastic shims instead of paper and Brian always uses the materials I request no question.

--- Tom Green Flutes

I have been working with Brian Bertrem for several years now, and he is always a pleasure to deal with.

Although we talked on the phone several times about various projects he was doing for me, I first met him in person when I made the trip to Elkhart to pick up the flute he and his grandfather, Emerson DeFord, built to my specifications. This was a flute made with separate B and D footjoints. Working with him in the shop on final adjustments and the like is always productive and great fun. Brian's focus is on giving the customer what he or she needs, not just creating an exercise in personal aggrandizement.

Beyond the usual making and fixing of flutes, Brian has been responsive and receptive to some out of the ordinary ideas I have had about their construction. He has delivered instruments that are a terrific realization of what I had imagined when other flute makers have told me it couldn't or shouldn't be done. One such project has given me a flute that plays rings around some classics.

Brian has worked with and learned from some of the best people in the flute world and it shows in his product. Beyond that, however, he is an enthusiastic partner with the player in giving them an affordable instrument they will be able to play on for years to come.

If he says he can do something, he does it on time as promised.

--- Tom Zappe

Brian Bertrem's handmade Bb flute is a truly wonderful instrument. It is well balanced, has a smooth mechanism and a beautiful sound. I look forward to every opportunity to play it

--- David Chu, flutemaker and flute restorer.

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